Surf Lessons over Spring Break


Island Style Adventures surf school had an awesome spring break thanks to our many returnees and new friends that joined us for some fun in the sun!  Beginner surfers had a blast feeling the rush of catching their first wave, standing, waving and smiling at the camera.  Surf lessons are all 2 hours long with 30 minutes of the lesson being a beach lesson that teaches you how to stand on the board, how to safely fall, and how to communicate with the instructors once in the water.  For more information on the steps of surfing, check out some of our previously published blogs.

Despite the occassional weather blips when mother nature wanted to clean the island with rain and wind, we managed to pull off successful surf lessons with many satisfied guests promising to return.  Looking toward summer, we will be having a high school band of 30 kids joining us all the way from Minnesota and we're excited to have them experience their first surf lesson.  Next week, we have a company coming all the way from Canada for a "bonding" surf activity.  Should be fun!!

Don't forget, Island Style Adventures not only caters to large groups with the smallest student:instructor ratio, but we can also coordinate lunches following your surf lesson.  Whether your group would like a sit down lunch at a restaurant on the beach with your toes in the sand, or a boxed lunch complete with sandwich, dessert, pineapple wedge, Maui chips and an island fruit drink.  We can accommodate your every need.

So, with spring break over, the surf is still rolling in!  Come on down for some great fun in the sun!!

Surf lessons Maui


We are nearing the end of our spring break with surf lessons that have brought many smiles to guests who have chosen to share their vacation with us.  Kaanapali Beach has been the perfect location for anyone wishing to learn how to surf for the first time!  Despite the winds, rain and storm that has come and gone over the past month, we've been able to conduct many surf classes during the little pockets of sunshine we've had.

Kaanapali Beach gave us nice beginner waves that our guests enjoyed and Island Style Adventures Surf School has been lucky enough to service people from all over.  Please join us again next year!

Thank you for sharing your surfing vacation with us!  Mahalo!  Please visit us on YELP and TRIPADVISOR to share your comments!

Choosing The Best Surf School in Hawaii

Hawaii offers tons of surf schools that will get you surfing!  Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island host the best locations for beginning surfers.  Regardless of the island however, there are key questions you should ask when choosing the best surf school in Hawaii that will meet your expectations....what are your expectations you ask?

Have fun!  Keep me safe! and of course, Teach me how to surf!!

Here's a simple list of questions you should keep in mind:

1.  What are the water conditions that the lessons are taught in?

2.  How much time learning on land and learning in the ocean make up the "lesson"?

3.  Are your instructors certified in First Aid/CPR?

4.  What is your student-to-instructor ratio for your group lessons? (you'll find that the cheaper the lesson, the less # of instructors you have in the water with you)

5.  Do you guarantee we will surf?

6.  Do you have a photographer to document the crazy time we'll have?

The Best Surf School in Hawaii are schools that have experienced surfers who have the patience and knowledge to get any "non-surfer" feel the "ride of the wave".



Surf lesson on land


Before even getting out in the water and experiencing the actual catching of a wave in your surf lesson, you must participate in what is known as the land part of your surf lesson.  The surf lessons have two parts as you learn to surf.  It is important to become familiarized with the board you will surf on.  As you begin to learn to surf during the land lesson, there are several steps:  First, you want to know which foot feels most comfortable being in the front.  It would be the same foot if you ride a skateboard or snowboard.  When you learn to surf, the motion from laying to standing position is called the pop-up, which is a quick push up to your feet.  Be sure to bend your knees to keep a low center of gravity;  do not stand up completely erect, look up and focus on something on the beach.  Put your arms to the side to help you balance.

Once you've mastered the surf lesson and "pop-up" method on land, it's time to put your practice toward a real life experience.  Time for the surf lesson in the water.  The only difference during the surf lesson in the water is that the board will be floating on water!....and moving!!  Don't worry though - you just need one wave to get the feel of the motion and ride on the water and you'll be fine.  Focus, remember what was taught during the land portion of the surf lesson and remember the "pop-up".  It's exciting to learn to surf and it's even more exciting once you've caught for first wave in your first surf lesson.

Follow these tips to learn to surf and you should soon be up and riding your first wave and your life will never be the same again!  Surf's Up!!

When you learn to surf on Maui, please come by and check us out.  We would be happy to have you hop in one of our classes or simply give you some tips in or out of the water.

Spring break surf lessons Maui


Spring Break is in full swing, the beaches are getting filled with people eager to soak up every bit of sun, body boarding, snorkeling and of course taking surf lessons on Maui.  Kaanapali Beach is the number one place to be if a day of fun in the water is what you're looking for.

Sitting on the sand, looking out into the water, you can see visitors from everywhere participating in surf lessons throughout the day.  Standing, surfing, falling, smiling, waving to the photographer, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.  If you've never taken a surf lesson on Maui before, spring break is the perfect time to do so. 

This year, the weather has been perfect with trade winds coming from the West, waves ideal for beginner surf lessons and the sun is just right - not too hot.  The whales are still here so don't be surprised that during your surf lesson on Maui, while paddling out to your surf instructor, you may see a whale breaching less than a mile out.  Can it get any better? Absolutely not!

See some of the other blog posts below for tips on finding the perfect surf school for your surf lesson needs but we're the best surf school on Maui!  Come on out, surf's up!  See ya on the waves!


The best place to enjoy your spring break in Maui is in the water, on a board, riding a wave!  Don't know how to surf? No problem!  With weather that rarely ever blinds the sun, spending a day or two at the beach surfing is a sure way to create unforgettable memories.  Surf lessons are for ocean lovers, adventure seekers, people who enjoy trying something new, or those who have had the taste of surfing and simply want more!  Kaanapali Beach is the perfect locations for beginning surfers. 

With spring break right around the corner, we are excited to welcome back many of our returning surfers who have taken surf lessons from us for years.  We are also looking forward to making new friends and new memories with those of you who will be experiencing surfing for the first time.  Surf lessons are typically two hours long with about 90 minutes of that time spent in the water.  After your surf lesson on Kaanapali Beach, you will enjoy all the other many water activities within walking distance of us: bodyboarding, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding.

Come on down to Kaanapali Beach for some surf lessons or just for some fun in the sun!!! Look for the guys in the yellow shirts!! 

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